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Field Specs

Field Specifications at Prospect Meadows

field specs

Left Field Line – 320 feet

Left Center Field – 360 feet

Center Field – 380 feet

Right Center Field – 360 feet

Right Field Line – 320 feet

All fields are equipped with a synthetic turf infield supplied by SprinTurf.  The synthetic turf infields allow all age groups to play games at Prospect Meadows.  In addition to the synthetic turf infields, each field utilizes portable turfed mounds.  We’re able to adjust the distance of the mounds as well as the bases for all age groups.  We also have portable fencing available for the younger baseball age groups and softball.  Each bullpen is equipped with two turfed mounds and a turfed area for the catchers.  The outfields are natural grass with an irrigation system.  Prospect Meadows has batting cages in each quad so every team will have an opportunity to hit before they play.