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Juco baseball teams flocking to Prospect Meadows

September 14, 2022 | Angela Jordan


Fourteen junior college baseball teams will be playing in the 2022 ICCAC Scrimmages at Prospect Meadows on Thursday (Sept. 15) in a great opportunity to showcase their wares.

The JuCo players are looking to continue their careers at four-year schools or in professional ball. Meanwhile, college coaches at four year schools and pro scouts are looking for talented players to help fill their teams.

That makes the scrimmages a perfect place for everyone to meet and greet. The event is being run by the Iowa Community College Athletic Association, which is holding the event at Prospect Meadows for the fourth time.

The scrimmages are being held a day before the massive Kernels Foundation tournament begins at Prospect Meadows, giving coaches and scouts a chance to see 14 junior college teams and 87 high school-age teams in the same week.

“Their goal is to promote the guys at the junior colleges for all the people who will be there for the Kernels Foundation event,” said Steve James, the general manager at Prospect Meadows. “They piggyback that, to make it a real big scouting weekend for the area.”

The event also gives all 14 teams a chance to play against a quality opponent as part of their fall practice schedule.

The junior college scrimmages will begin at 10:30, with Kirkwood facing Black Hawk on the Cunningham Field. Admission is $5 for any fan wanting to attend.

“It will be a pretty busy day,” said James. Here is the full schedule:

Angela Jordan