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Kiwanis Miracle League looks to grow in 2022

November 15, 2021 | Angela Jordan


The Kiwanis Miracle League at Prospect Meadows keeps getting bigger and better.

The special program for young people with disabilities began in 2019 with 40 players. It grew to 60 players this year and Kiwanis Miracle League directors are aiming for 80 kids in 2022.

They had six teams this year and hope to have eight ballclubs next season.

“Our goal is to able to add a couple of teams,” said Miracle League Director Byron Tabor. “I think eight teams is a pretty decent goal.”

The local Kiwanis Clubs sponsor the league along with partnerships from Prospect Meadows and other local businesses.

They held a picnic on Sunday, Oct. 10 to celebrate the end of the 2021 campaign. Marion Mayor Nick AbouAssaly hung medallions around the necks of all the players, congratulating them on their season and praising them for their efforts. There also was an awards presentation.

It turned out to be a soggy day, but not enough to dampen their spirits.

“It got a little wet, but like in the Miracle League, you kind of roll with it,” said Tabor. “When it was raining, everybody kind of hit the dugouts and hid.

“Everybody had a great time.”

The food for the picnic was supplied by Zio Johnno’s with pizza, lasagna and spaghetti. “We had a pretty good spread,” said Tabor.

The Miracle League is planning a pair of six-week seasons in 2022, with the first season centered around May and the second season centered around September. The directors are looking for more players, more games and more volunteers.

“We’re having a great time,” said Tabor. “Even with the world throwing us a few curves with COVID-19, we’re still having a great time.”

Click on the Miracle League link on the Prospect Meadows website to enroll your child or to become a volunteer.

Angela Jordan