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League of Dreams goal is $12,000 on Giving Tuesday

November 29, 2021 | Angela Jordan


The Optimist League of Dreams program at Prospect Meadows is one of the purest forms of baseball for the young boys and girls who participate in this great sport.

All the kids want is an opportunity to play ball at a terrific facility for the sheer fun of the game, without trying to impress any scouts or worry about the final score.

This might be their only chance to play in an organized league, with excellent coaching and a great chance to make new friends.

The League of Dreams is entirely free for all the players, but it does cost money to run the program. That’s why Prospect Meadows has established another “Giving Tuesday” event this month to help raise money for the league in 2022.

The goal this year is to raise $12,000 during this time of giving thanks. A total of $9,040 was raised for the 2021 league.

“Following Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Money, Giving Tuesday on Nov. 30th is a global day dedicated to giving and celebrating generosity,” Prospect Meadows General Manager Steve James declared. “For Prospect Meadows, this is a day that brings the community together to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season.

“We are asking for your help to make the League of Dreams experience a reality for under-served youth throughout Linn County.”

The League of Dreams was created after the flood in 2008 to simply give kids a chance to play ball. It began with 2nd and 3rd grade boys and girls in southwest Cedar Rapids, but now has expanded to include 4th and 5th graders in all of Linn County.

Prospect Meadows has established various levels of giving to help fund the program:

   • $25 – Single

   • $50 – Double

   • $100 – Triple

   • $250 – Home Run

   • $500 – Grand Slame

   • $1,000 – Cycle

Please click on this link to make a donation.

The League of Dreams has been very popular with the players and their families over their years. Katie Powell, who son has played in the league, is thankful for the opportunity.

“Amazing! So much fun, Mom! I cannot wait until next week!”

“These were some of the expressions that my son told us after he played with the League of Dreams,” Katie said. “As a parent, you always want the best for your child, but you also want to make sure you fit them with the right team and/or game.

“The League of Dreams provided a way for our son to learn the game and have fun doing it,” said continued. “We believe that this program is a way for kids to just enjoy playing the game and not always think about the win.

“I highly recommend this program to those who want to be a part of a team with a small-town feel. It is fun to watch our kids play the game and hear how much fun they had. Reminds me of playing ball out in the backyard at home.”

Katie finished her comments by stating, “Thank you for providing a great program.”

As a non-profit, Prospect Meadows relies on the generosity of the community to help fund its programs to fulfill our mission of giving all young people a place to play ball. There were 52 kids in the program in 2021 and the goal is to have 75+ kids in 2022.

Please lend a hand on Giving Tuesday.


Angela Jordan