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Prospect Meadows 2019 Calendar of Events

November 6, 2018 | Angela Jordan


2019 Calendar of Events

Prospect Meadows will be announcing the 2019 Calendar of Events in the coming weeks. The Calendar of Events will provide direct links to each tournament webpage.  It will also have information regarding each event.  The grand opening is slated for Memorial Day weekend and the season will run through the end of October.

Prospect Meadows has partnered with Perfect Game to be the anchor tenant.  Perfect Game will host a number of tournaments throughout the year at multiple age groups.  Prospect Meadows will be providing links to the Perfect Game website for each tournament they host.  Game Day USA will also be hosting two tournaments in 2019.  Info for Game Day tournaments will be linked as well.

In addition to tournaments, Prospect Meadows will be hosting local play every Monday-Thursday through the latter part of June.  The local youth of Linn County will have the opportunity to play and practice at Prospect Meadows.  Rental opportunities will be available in the coming weeks with our online scheduler.


Angela Jordan