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Prospect Meadows opens second gate

May 15, 2021 | Angela Jordan


Prospect Meadows has created a 2nd entrance to the ballpark that’s made it easier for players and fans to get to the fields.

The new gate is located to the northeast of the main entrance. It’s adjacent to the parking lot and provides easy access to the TransAmerica quad, saving time and effort.

There’s now a paved path on that side of the park. Enter the new gate, step onto the cement path and arrive quickly at your destination.

“It’s more convenient for fans and puts less stress on our golf carts,” said Steve James, the general manager at Prospect Meadows. “It makes the complex work a little better and makes it more functional.”

Previously, everyone had to enter the main gate to either by foot or on a cart. Now folks can park closer to the new gate without having to make the longer trip to enter.

There’s less walking and less waiting for a ride. The new entrance has been well-received by visitors. “They love it,” said James. “It’s easier in, easier out. Less reliance on catching a ride.

Visitors can reach both quads, the TransAmerica Quad and the Perfect Game Quad, through the new gate.

Prospect Meadows has made other improvements to the facility recently, including additional batting cages. New restrooms were added last year, and there are plans to plant introduce a public address system soon and plant trees at the complex in the fall.

Also new to the complex this season is the addition of the Uptown Coffee Company as a coffee and breakfast food vendor. The reviews from patrons thus far have been great! Uptown Coffee Company serves specialty coffees, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and Donutland Donuts.

The action began this spring with the Perfect Game Spring League on weekends, along with the Perfect Game and Positive Sports Training youth programs. There’s already been one Game Day tournament with another this weekend, with numerous PG and Game Day tournaments to follow.

“We’ve had activity out here almost every night,” said James. 

Angela Jordan