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Storey enjoys raising funds for Prospect Meadows

June 8, 2019 | Angela Jordan

Dave Storey UPDATED

Dave Storey enjoyed being heavily involved in the community when he served in leadership positions at the Cedar Rapids Gazette for 19 years.

Now he’s heavily involved in the community again, this time helping to raise money for Prospect Meadows.

Storey, 64, served as publisher and general manager of The Gazette for many years. And prior to holding those positions, he led their advertising department.

Dave Storey

Storey left The Gazette in 2010 and worked for the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald for two years and then the Omaha World-Herald for three years. He returned to Cedar Rapids during the winter of 2014-15 to open his own business, an executive consulting firm named Rainbow Enterprises.

Storey, a friendly and gregarious guy, began working with Prospect Meadows this past December with a focus on fundraising and securing capital funds. Now he’s turning his focus to advertising for the new baseball and softball facility that’s located just north of Marion.

Storey has returned to his roots in Eastern Iowa in the advertising game and is calling on some of the same people he knew back in his days at The Gazette.

“Everybody I know still lets me in the door to talk to them,” he said, laughing. “So far, so good.”

Storey greatly enjoys raising funds for Prospect Meadows, both to help finish Phase 1 of the facility and to raise money for Phase 2. When both phases are finished, the complex will feature 16 fields and a Miracle Field for people with different abilities.

Storey said the community had some questions about Prospect Meadows during the winter, with people wondering about the exact status of the facility. Those questions have been answered since the Grand Opening May 23 and Prospect Meadows is now open for business.

“I think once people learn what’s going on they are pretty darn excited about it,” he said. “But when I first got out there (earlier this year), there wasn’t the brand awareness.

“That was part of what we had to do, to educate businesses and the public about what was going on in northeast Linn County. We’re finally getting over the hump on brand awareness.

“Now when I call people or walk in the door, they know what Prospect Meadows is. The brand awareness is definitely happening.”

Storey is selling signs for the outfield fences. He’s also pitching advertisements on the Prospect Meadows website, along with ads for a special phone application that helps visitors navigate the area and find discounts.

Working with Prospect Meadows has been a labor of love for Storey, a native New Yorker who played basketball in college and is a passionate life-long baseball fan.

“I think it’s a wonderful community project,” he said. “It’s really going to put Eastern Iowa, Cedar Rapids, Linn County and the Corridor on the map for another reason. It’s a quality of life thing.”

Storey encourages people who are interested in advertising at Prospect Meadows to call him (319-360-4480) or send an email dave@wordpress-833591-2937042.cloudwaysapps.com.

Angela Jordan