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Economic Impact

Economic Impact from Prospect Meadows

We opened our gates in June of 2019 and have had a significant impact on the local economy of Linn County.  In a construction-delayed opening season, events hosted at Prospect Meadows drove approximately 17,000 visitors to the Linn County area which resulted in over 5,000 hotel room nights and $5 million of direct spending!  A direct result of the new tourism has been local investment into new projects and businesses to serve our visitors and the local community.

In 2020, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic limited us from opening our gates until June.  In a pandemic shortened season and all the challenges that brought for everyone, the events hosted at Prospect Meadows were able to bring in approximately 27,000 visitors to Linn County resulting in over 7,000 hotel room nights and $7 million of direct spending!

This 2021 season has been our first full season of activity at Prospect Meadows.  The events we host continue to grow as do the number of visitors and direct spending in our community.  This year we are expecting approximately 40,000 visitors to Linn County with approximately 10,000 hotel room nights resulting in $10 million in direct spending!

With continued growth of the events hosted at Prospect Meadows, we anticipate these numbers to continue to climb year after year!  Our partnership with Perfect Game has been paramount to the growth of these visitors coming to town and having the impact they do to the local economy.