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Spectator Guidelines

Prospect Meadows General Rules

•  NO ANIMALS (except service animals with paper work and bib) beyond parking lots.

•  NO GUM OR SUNFLOWER SEEDS allowed on the fields.

•  NO METAL SPIKES allowed on the fields.

•  All persons and belongings are subject to search.

•  No outside food or beverage.

•  No weapons of any kind.

•  Shirts and shoes MUST be worn at all times.

•  Guests interfering with other guests' ability to enjoy the event will be escorted from the complex.

•  Should you encounter any problem, please notify the nearest Prospect Meadows Employee for immediate assistance.

•  No smoking on the Prospect Meadows premises.

•  Personal lawn chairs and pop up tents are permitted.

•  No un-authorized merchandise, food, beverage, or photography sales of any kind.

•  No un-authorized pamphlets, handouts, displays, advertisements, etc.


Severe Weather Policy

•  In the event of severe weather in the area, Prospect Meadows staff will direct all players and spectators to evacuate the park immediately to take shelter in their vehicle.

•  All spectators and players will be notified when it is safe to re-enter Prospect Meadows.

•  In the case of a tornado warning or other life threatening emergency, all visitors and players will be instructed to evacuate the park and seek shelter away from Prospect Meadows.

•  Concessions will be closed throughout the delay.